Climaveneta supply HVAC units to the new Y-TEC HQs in Argentina

Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems, through its brand Climaveneta, has recently supplied HVAC units to the new Y-TEC HQs in Argentina. Y-TEC is a technology company founded in 2012 by YPF (51%) and CONICET (49%) offering hi-tech solutions for the energy industry, with a strong focus on oil, gas, and renewables. The new Y-TEC headquarters are in the city of Berisso, Buenos Aires. With a professional team of 320 scientists and technical experts, and currently represents the most important center of research and development in Argentina. The new complex with a surface area of more than 13.000 m2, is an icon of innovation and technology.  Even the HVAC system is an example of efficiency and innovation and is based on 2 INTEGRA multi-purpose heat pumps ERACS2-Q/1162, Climaveneta branded. The units can simultaneously produce the heating and cooling during the year. The maximum efficiency of the system is reached with simultaneous loads, the energy produced is used to satisfy the hot and cold demands of the total system. In modern buildings, like Y-TEC HQs, with opposite overlapping thermal loads, the INTEGRA units are the greenest and most efficient solution.
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