Cofinair Group acquires company KTK cooling tower


Integration of a renowned cooling tower manufacturer into the Cofinair Group. The French Cofinair Group buys the second German cooling tower manufacturer with KTK and completes its product portfolio in the area of cooling. Two of the leading cooling tower manufacturers, E.W.Gohl GmbH and Jacir, are already in the Cofinair Group group of companies. All three brands will continue to be active in the market in the future and act independently. Gohl and KTK bundle their strengths in order to be able to offer their customers products of the highest quality "Made in Germany". Doïc Hordern Managing Director of E. W. Gohl GmbH "Through the acquisition, the Cofinair Group is becoming a key player in the evaporation cooling business across the European market. In order to be able to offer state-of-the-art cooling systems in the future, we are investing in research and development. "Now the jointly developed company strategies have to be implemented. The product portfolio covers all demand situations for cooling tasks and offers optimal customer solutions for today's challenging market requirements in Germany and Europe. A first joint appearance of the two companies is planned for the Chillventa 2018.


 Source: KTK Kühlturm

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