Commitment to Climate Action: Message from Michael W. Lamach, Chairman and CEO of Ingersoll Rand

I’ve received many questions over the past few months about Ingersoll Rand’s commitment to reducing energy demand and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Those questions intensified this week with news of the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate change. In early May, Ingersoll Rand joined a coalition of companies, formed by the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES), which signed a full-page letter featured in major news outlets, urging the United States to stay in the Paris Agreement. We signed the letter because we believe climate action is a global issue – one to which our customers around the world are demanding solutions, regardless of policy or regulation. They seek our guidance on how to reduce energy demand and GHG emissions from their buildings, industrial processes and transportation systems. Our innovations can improve their operating performance, and reduce their impact on the environment. As a global company with a strategy built on sustainability, Ingersoll Rand is committed to improving our environmental footprint. The bold Climate Commitment we made in 2014 is a long-term pledge to significantly reduce GHG emissions from our products and operations by 2030, and we’ve already made great progress. The Commitment has helped us avoid 6.7 million metric tons of CO2e globally from our products compared to a 2013 baseline – equal to the emissions from the energy used in 700,000 homes for one year. We have also reduced the GHG intensity of our operations by 23 percent compared to a 2013 baseline. Like Ingersoll Rand, businesses from all sectors have made these bold commitments to climate action. Collectively we are blazing the trail to widespread renewable energy adoption, breakthrough technology development, innovative corporate sustainability strategies and strong employee engagement. In the words of the coalition letter we signed, we remain concerned with the well-being of our customers, investors, communities and suppliers. We will continue to innovate and provide solutions that our customers require, and we are committed to strengthening our climate resilience. Sincerely, Michael W. Lamach Chairman and CEO

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