Complete customer benefits – telematics in tipper trailers

Load and vehicle monitoring via telematics has already become a standard logistics tool when transporting refrigerated or packaged goods. However, it also makes sense to fit tipper semi-trailers used in construction with a trailer telematics system. Schmitz Cargobull Telematics, a subsidiary of Schmitz Cargobull, is one of the leading trailer telematics providers in the European market with "TrailerConnect". By developing innovative products and services, Schmitz Cargobull Telematics offers practical solutions for trailers. TrailerConnect can measure the axle load and use this to detect overloading. The amount unloaded and when is just as important. This allows times and quantities to be validated. The user knows whether and which tipper semi-trailer has already been unloaded and which one is currently located in the vicinity of the next loading location. Expected invoices and thus revenue forecasts can also be created by combining weighing documents with the telematics loading data. phpThumb_generated_thumbnail (1) In addition, the location data also indicates when and where which vehicle was driven and, more importantly, where it was parked. This enables companies to document downtimes and invoice these times, if necessary. Tipper semi-trailers are increasingly often unhitched and parked autonomously at construction sites or company premises. TrailerConnect enables transport companies to keep an eye on these vehicles so that they always know where each vehicle is located. As on other vehicle models, the telematics system can also access important data from the EBS and use this for preventive maintenance of the vehicles. Brake pad wear and the tyre pressure can be measured by sensors and displayed via TrailerConnect. Additional, convenient functions which can be displayed through the telematics system are also planned. M.KI trucks with tipper bodies Often trucks with tipper bodies do not already have a tractor telematics system. The use of trailer telematics would make sense in this case. Where tractor telematics are already being used, the systems can also be networked via interfaces. The data from both can then be consolidated and utilised as a shared system. "Fleet4You" This portal is a resource which assists every fleet manager. It combines the benefits of the TrailerConnect trailer telematics with those of a workshop processing program. TrailerConnect provides important information about the trailer equipment. This data is used to generate recommendations for the fleet management, for example, highlighting a worn brake pad on trailer XYZ. Fleet4Youcan then create orders in the Schmitz Cargobull Repair System, which provide the technical measures to be carried out. The costs for the parts and labour are then assigned to the order via the system network. As a result, this provides a complete overview of the repair costs incurred by vehicle in relation to the time or mileage. These are complete customer benefits. phpThumb_generated_thumbnail Source:

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