Coolselector 2 Now Supports Cold Room Calculations

Thousands of cold rooms are built every year — all of which will be equipped with cooling systems that can utilize the extensive range of Danfoss components. To support our customers with their cold room calculations, Coolselector 2 has been improved with a cold room application for heat load calculation and components selection. Danfoss is proud to announce that the Coolselector 2 cold room application calculation has been released on July 27th. The goal has been to provide users with a customized component list for cold rooms, presented in a clear and user-friendly way. With a few clicks, and support from the Coolselector 2 in-app wizard, users will now be able to get a complete cold room application calculation and have components automatically suggested based on their specific input. After the cold room calculation is done, a final report can be generated from within Coolselector 2, which will contain all relevant information down to the code number for ordering. With the cold room application, Coolselector 2 has opened the door to additional commercial application calculations, where we will continue to support our users in the ways that best suit their needs. Source: Danfoss
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