COPILOT Certificate becomes new standard for building performance

Date: 09 November 2019
COPILOT Certificate becomes new standard for building performance

With the introduction of the ‘COPILOT Certificate’ for building performance, Eurovent, REHVA and synavision set a new European standard for the construction industry. The signing of the agreement on 11 October paved the way for the launch of the world's first building and facility certificate. Builders use the certificate to ensure that their buildings undergo effective quality management.

COPILOT certifies building commissioning based on dedicated protocols developed by experts from a dozen countries. In collaboration with accredited Commissioning Managers, COPILOT verifies that the design-construction-operation cycle complies with client objectives and best practice. “Building owners are struggling with increasingly complex technical systems in their buildings. Thanks to the COPILOT certification, they can now confidently rely on the performance of their buildings.”, explains Erick Melquiond, the President of COPILOT.

COPILOT also certifies technical monitoring based on the German standard AMEV 135. The technical basis of the certification is the ‘digital test bench’ software of synavision GmbH. Dr. Stefan Plesser, Managing Director of synavision, stated in this respect: “Certification of buildings must be created digitally in the future to cope with the multitude of facilities and their complexity. That's why we're proud to be part of this ambitious quality management alliance. Digital audit services such as technical monitoring, commissioning management and due diligence pave the way for a new level of building quality.”

Frank Hovorka, the President of REHVA (Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations), stresses the importance of ‘in operation’ – certification as a new basis for assessing building investment: “Investors are looking for reliable sustainable construction projects. With our new data-based building certification system, we enable investors to significantly improve risk management for their buildings.”

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