Costan Celebrates 70 Years

Costan – one of Epta Group brands - recently celebrated its 70th anniversary and unveiled the Glass production department in the Limana factory, in the province of Belluno. The event was attended by members of the press and representatives from local and national authorities who gave speeches during the course of the event: MP Gianclaudio Bressa, Undersecretary for Regional Affairs and Autonomies, Gianpaolo Bottacin, Councillor for the Environment and Civil Protection for the Veneto Region, Daniela Larese Filon Chairman of the Province of Belluno and the Mayor of Limana, Milena De Zanet. epta_nocivelli It was an event for looking back at Costan’s history and evolution and confirming future projects for the brand - an historic component of the Epta Group - founded in 1946 when brothers Mario and Alberto Costan from Val Comelico set up their first artisans workshop for the production of ice-boxes and refrigerated cabinets in Turin. Costan is synonymous with quality, first class service, technologically advanced and highly reliable solutions, where innovation is the true strength. In keeping with Epta’s policies, Costan combines product excellence with low environmental impact growth. In the last 10 years the drive towards renewal has been even more pronounced with an average of 5 million euro set aside every year,a total of 50 million between 2007 and 2016. The aim of this strategy is a continual improvement in environmental terms - reducing Costan’s carbon footprint - and in the transformation of its plant into a “factory of the future”, thanks to the introduction and implementation of cutting-edge machinery and automated production lines. In particular, the most recent investment involved the creation of the Glass production department, a project started at the end of 2014. This strategic plan worth approximately 10 million euro has enabled the Group to acquire the necessary technology and skills to produce up to 250,000 monolithic glass and insulated glass units every year and creating 60 new jobs in the Belluno area. The opening of the Glass production department, occupying an area of 4,800 m2, has also led to an enlargement of the site, which now has a covered area of 70,000 m2. inauguration_bressa Marco Nocivelli, CEO and Chairman of the Epta Group stated: “We are proud to celebrate two major goals with our illustrious guests: Costan’s 70th anniversary and the unveiling of the new Glass production department, that has recently started operating at full capacity” and he continued “Costan, one of the Group’s historic brands, fully embraces the Epta philosophy, by combining innovation, excellence and growth with environmental sustainability and the development of the local community. We would like to thank all of our workforce for their support and active commitment through which they have contributed to Epta becoming one of the leading 300 companies in terms of size in Mediobanca’s league table of Italian industrial and service companies.”   Source: Epta Group
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