#CountOnCooling: service-based business models for heating & cooling

Date: 02 February 2021
#CountOnCooling: service-based business models for heating & cooling
As a follow-up to its #CountOnCooling Webinar focusing on the phenomenon of ‘servicisation’ in the energy sector, EPEE, representing the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump industries, published a factsheet on service-based business models for heating & cooling.

Cooling is essential to ensure safe and fresh food, medicine and vaccines, and a healthy and productive indoor environment. Triggered by trends such as urbanisation, digitalisation and a warming climate, the demand for cooling is expected to grow in the coming decades. Whilst this could potentially lead to increasing emissions, sustainable solutions and technologies are readily available to counter such effect.

Approaches to achieve this goal include the equipment itself, the way it is installed, maintained and controlled, but also new business models. This is where the global megatrend of moving towards service-based models – also called “servitisation” – comes into play. Such business models are increasingly successful in areas such as entertainment (music, films), transport (cars) or light, replacing traditional ownership-based models.

EPEE’s latest factsheet explores service-based models for heating and cooling and how they can contribute to saving energy and related emissions in this field.

Read our new factsheet here

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