Criocabin equipment for the Foodland Market Fresh

Foodland Market Fresh is a unique store in Brighton, with a strong focus on customer service, a premium quality range of goods and regular in-store tastings to allow customers the chance to try new products.
With a local food business spanning several generations and owners of the store, the Rugless family wanted to create a European atmosphere and so they did with Criocabin’s Enixe and Ebony counters.
The Enixe counter, a best-selling unit with straight glass panel, is a versatile solution to display any product. The top-of-the-range Ebony counter is designed to showcase goods in the best possible way and temperature control makes it perfect as a deli, meat, pastry, seafood cabinet, as well as an ambient temperature or heated display. This product is also highly customisable and can be tailored to customer requests.
This project was developed in partnership with our distributor for Australia, AJ Baker and Sons.

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