CTI Technical Paper from Baltimore Aircoil Company


At the recent Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) Annual Conference, BAC’s very own Frank Morrison presented the CTI Technical Paper titled “<a href="http://www.baltimoreaircoil.com/english/download-cti-loop">Closing the Loop – Which Method is Best for your System?</a>” This study compares the total installed cost of open circuit cooling tower / heat exchanger combinations versus closed circuit cooling towers, including equipment, material, and labor costs.Additionally, this study contrasts the operational and maintenance aspects of the two alternatives to help system designers and operators make the best heat rejection choice for their next project. <a href="http://www.baltimoreaircoil.com/english/download-cti-loop" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Click here</a> to download it today

Closed loop cooling systems deliver many benefits compared to traditional open loop systems, such as reduced system fouling, reduced risk of fluid contamination, lower maintenance, and increased system reliability and uptime.

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