Cutting Edge Systems And Sophisticated Aesthetics: Epta Collaborates In The Renewal Of Coop Alleanza 3.0 In Modena Canaletto

This was a prestigious collaboration for Epta in the restyling of COOP ALLEANZA 3.0store in Modena Canaletto designed by renowned Venetian architect Paolo Lucchetta,the founder of + RetailDesign srl. The project fits within the town planning and social requalification programme of the entire neighbourhood currently being promoted by the Local Council. It is an example of the revitalisation of an area where businesses and local institutions have come together to create a meeting place and strengthen the sense of community amongst local citizens. modena_coop_bistrot_torre The renewal of the COOP ALLEANZA 3.0 store was partly funded by the European Union, in partnership with CommONEnergy, an EU research project aiming to transform supermarkets into tangible examples of energy efficiency and eco-sustainability, by promoting the take up of cutting-edge methods and technologies. In this regard, the innovations include the integration of refrigeration and HVAC plant, natural lighting with solar tubes and the implementation of thermal insulation for the building. To help transform the store into a model of n-ZEB (nearly-Zero Energy Buildings), Eptaoffered an all-in-one solution based on a transcritical CO2 system. This exclusive system completely satisfies the store’s thermal energy requirements by adjusting the cooling and heating capacity according to demand and through the use of a heat recovery module. The renewal of the COOP ALLEANZA 3.0 store in Modena Canaletto involved the entire store layout, which was also designed by Paolo Lucchetta. The fresh and frozen foods areas were transformed into a market square where colours, flavours and aromas blend together to bring to life a space that places the customer at the centre of an innovative shopping experience that truly stimulates the senses. The solutions adopted include GranVista, the Costan branded vertical cabinet, Elephant UP freezers and the semi-vertical Aeria UP with panoramic ends, chosen to draw attention to the rich assortment of fresh and frozen products and the organic veg selection. And then, we see the “artistic touch” of the great architect in the mosaics using different species and thicknesses of wood for the finishing touches of the traditional Eurocryor cabinets, Bistrot and Torre, in the Butcher’s, Cold Cuts & Cheese department and the unique Impact cabinet for the Deli. The latter combines self-serve and serve-over sections, to present the range of specialities prepared every day by Coop’s chefs.   Read More
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