Daikin units with VRT technology for new shop for children

Date: 14 November 2020
Daikin units with VRT technology for new shop for children
Daikin units with VRT technology for new shop for children
Daikin units with VRT technology for new shop for children
Daikin units with VRT technology for new shop for children
Daikin units with VRT technology for new shop for children
JBC entrusts optimal climate management for the first innovative experience shop for children to Daikin

Fashion label JBC recently opened a new experience shop for children, JBC K’dee, based on shopping experiences of young children. JBC has worked closely with Daikin to guarantee the right comfort and climate in its shops.

The interior design aspect of the JBC K'dee concept was also carefully looked at during investigations into the perfect climate solution for JBC's new children's shop.
As with other JBC shops, VRT (Variable Refrigerant Temperature) technology was chosen as the perfect customised solution to provide an ideal balance between comfort and efficiency at any time of the day.

Equally important factors in the discussion turned out to be the aesthetics, the lack of noise and the space savings of the climate comfort system.
VRV units from Daikin are more than up to the task. They are not only whisper-quiet, but also come in a wide choice of attractive indoor variants, so no floor or wall space has to be sacrificed. For this specific project, the VRV system had to be connected to the property owner’s water loop. The water-cooled VRV unit can easily be connected in this way. In addition, this very compact unit can be located in a utilities room and does not require separate ventilation because there is no heat dissipation. This is a great advantage in terms of flexibility.
In consultation with the customer, it was decided to install the latest version of the black round flow ceiling cassette in the shop as it integrated perfectly with the modern shop concept. JBC had a choice of no fewer than 3 designs, each available in 2 colours. The cassettes are supplied by Daikin as standard and are therefore easy to install.

Building on the proven technology of the round flow cassette, the latest version once again pushes the boundaries of ultimate comfort, thanks to the use of a number of new technologies:

New wider flaps ensure better airflow and so guarantee an even distribution throughout the entire space thanks to the Coanda effect;
the new Active Circulation Airflow technology comes into play when the unit starts in the morning. This new feature ensures that the preset interior temperature is reached quickly and in a more efficient way (up to 15% more efficient in heating mode).
JBC's decision to opt for Daikin units with VRT technology is undoubtedly linked to the proven positive impact on the retail chain's operating costs. JBC had a practical test carried out with Daikin units in order to assess the efficiency benefits of the VRT technology.

The results of the test were more than convincing. The VRT technology delivers significantly better results in terms of energy consumption and comfort, both for shoppers and for shop staff. When it came to energy efficiency, the VRT system consumed up to 21% less energy in moderate weather conditions, which translates to impressive annual savings of 14%. JBC can therefore use VRT technology to save on its operating costs ... and at the same time keep its customers comfortable and protect the environment.
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