Dearman-Hubbard sustainable transport refrigeration fitted with new slimmer air coolers

Date: 06 May 2019
Dearman-Hubbard sustainable transport refrigeration fitted with new slimmer air coolers
The Dearman-Hubbard transport refrigeration unit (TRU) is zero emission, taking full advantage of the novel Dearman engine which is driven by the expansion of liquid nitrogen (or liquid air). The only thing coming out of the exhaust is cold nitrogen, which is simply absorbed back into the atmosphere.

Improving the efficiency and sustainability of commercial transport refrigeration doesn’t end with the secondary engine that powers the refrigeration system, an essential component is the air cooler (heat exchanger).

To meet our customers’ demands for optimized storage capacity and efficiency Dearman have started fitting slimmer air coolers to its range of transport refrigeration units. These slimmer air coolers are:

- Smaller, not limiting what loads our customers can carry
- Lighter, reducing overall packaging weight and easier to install
- Air-flow, in two directions, making them suitable for lane configurations and transverse bulkheads

Despite the air cooler being smaller and lighter they still produce the same cooling power as the previous generation of air coolers fitted to the Dearman-Hubbard TRU.

Good refrigeration is paramount to the food and medical supply cold chain and that is why Dearman and its partners are at the forefront of delivering zero emission transport refrigeration without compromising on cooling performance, and cost-effectiveness.

Commenting Michael Lowe, Lead Project Engineer, said:
“Engaging with partners and industry has allowed Dearman to optimize its zero-emission technology and by updating the air coolers maximise its operational flexibility that fleet operators have come to expect from its refrigerated fleet, and of course this improvement still comes with all the other benefits the Dearman-Hubbard system offers.
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