Dearman powered transport refrigeration system wins Innovation of the Year at TCS&D Awards

A zero-emission transport refrigeration system, powered by the revolutionary Dearman Engine, has won the Innovation Award at the respected TCS&D Awards. The award winning transport refrigeration system is powered by the Dearman Engine, which uses the expansion of liquid nitrogen to deliver clean cold and power.  It has been developed in conjunction with Hubbard Products and has recently begun an operational trial with Sainsbury’s. A further programme of operational trials and demonstrations will take place in the UK and internationally, beginning later in 2016. The system is a high performance and cost effective alternative to conventional diesel powered refrigeration.  It removes all emissions of NOx and particulate matter from the refrigeration process and moving to a Dearman system can reduce the total NOx emisions from the entire vehicle by over 70%. Commenting on the success, Toby Peters, Founder and Chief Executive, Dearman, said: “The Dearman transport refrigeration system has the potential to deliver a step change in the industry and huge benefits for the environment. Unlike so many clean technologies, it has been designed without compromise – it can deliver best in class performance, high efficiency operation and significant reductions in emissions, while remaining cost competitive. Transport refrigeration shouldn’t cost the earth.” He added: “Nothing that has been achieved by Dearman has happened in isolation.  We have forged crucial partnerships with companies including Hubbard Products, Air Products, Dawsonrental and Solomon Commercial, whose expertise and innovation has been vital. Sainsbury’s has also played a crucial role, working with Dearman for a number of years and being the first company in the world to put our zero-emission technology onto the road.” dearman-sainsburys-1-1-800x538 “This is also far from the end of the journey for Dearman, we are working hard to consistently improve our refrigeration system and to develop new applications of the Dearman Engine.  We look forward to working alongside partners old and new as we strive to make the world a cleaner cooler place.” The zero emission transport refrigeration system is the first application of Dearman technology to begin commercial operation. The company is also developing a range of other clean cold and power technologies for use in transport, logistics and the built environment. The TCS&D awards reward and recognise the best of the temperature controlled storage and distribution industry. Source: Dearman
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