Dearman’s revolutionary system comes back to base

Dearman’s zero-emission transport refrigeration system has completed its rigorous test programme and has returned to the Dearman Clean Cold Technology Centre. The system, and the truck that has been used throughout testing, has spent several months undergoing durability and ‘real-world’ simulation testing – achieving impressive performance. Dearman’s cutting-edge transport refrigeration system is designed to replace diesel-powered transport refrigeration units (TRUs) on refrigerated trucks. dearman5 The system is powered by a Gen2 Dearman Engine, which is 30% lighter, 30% smaller and 30% more efficient than its predecessors. The Dearman Engine is powered by the rapid expansion of liquid nitrogen and emits no harmful pollutants. Chief Technology Officer, Nick Owen, said: “The Dearman system is the first of its kind. Having worked with new technologies throughout my career, it’s always a pleasure to see an ingenious piece of ground-breaking engineering perform well. And this really does. The system completed a pull-down to -20C recently, from winter ambient temperature, in around 30 minutes. This speed, combined with high efficiency, should see the system outperform existing diesel technologies, and improve air quality. It’s good to see the system back at the R&D centre as we prepare for the next stage, not least as a reminder of how far we’ve come in a short time.” Recent analysis has shown that replacing a modern truck’s diesel-powered TRU with zero-emission alternative would reduce engine emissions from the whole truck by 90%. Across the UK’s TRU fleet, this would be equivalent to taking 5.5 million diesel cars off the road in terms of particulate matter reduction alone. The Dearman zero-emission transport refrigeration system is now being prepared for commercial field trials, which will commence shortly with an operator in the UK.   Source:
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