Delfield uses Danfoss R-290 components to satisfy customers' needs

Date: 26 July 2018
Delfield, part of Welbilt, Inc., has been manufacturing restaurant equipment since 1949. In addition to government regulations that are requiring lower carbon emissions—both from the refrigerants themselves and the energy demands of the refrigeration systems—more and more customers are demanding new systems save them money by being more energy efficient without any reduction in performance. This was the challenge that Delfield engineers and designers were facing when planning their update of the Mark7 custom fabrication line, which led them to use a refrigerant from the early days of refrigeration development: propane, now referred to as R-290. The main drawback of using propane as a refrigerant in the past is that it is flammable. So even as Delfield chose R-290 to meet the demands of both regulators and customers, that solution posed new challenges. It was under these circumstances when Delfield approached longtime collaborator Danfoss. [caption id="attachment_13929" align="alignnone" width="500"] DML / DCL 1.5 cu in filter drier, solder (pure copper)[/caption] According to Marcy Mathews, Director of Project Management at Delfield, their decision to go with Danfoss was easy. “Delfield and Danfoss have had a strong previous partnership, which made them the first choice as a go to partner. Danfoss supplied components we needed to meet the requirements of the Delfield products. The filter drier, TXV, and [electronic temperature controller] helped Delfield achieve the project goal to launch updated products. The specific Danfoss components that Delfield used were the DCL filter drier, the TUB thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) for R-290, and the ERC electronic temperature controller. Each played a part in helping Delfield meet their goals.  
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