Dr. Huang Lin-jie is Hangzhou Honorary Citizen Award Winner

Date: 28 September 2018
Dr. Huang Lin-jie, Vice President and Chief Scientist of Sanhua Holding Group, is honored with 2018 Honorary Citizen of Hangzhou, to credit his contributions and outstanding efforts in promoting energy conservation, resource efficiency and environment quality. “Honorary Citizen of Hangzhou” is awarded by Hangzhou government, aiming to honour foreigners who have made great contributions in Hangzhou’s economic and social development and outside communication, to express Hangzhou’s deep friendship and high respect to friendly foreigners. Stephen William Hawking, Shing-TungYau, Jao tsung-i, Louis Cha are the winners of “Honorary Citizen of Hangzhou”.Hangzhou government officials, as well as 360 Chinese and overseas guests from 29 ries and regions, including Shanghai consuls, international friends and international high-end talents, witnessed this moment. A total of 5 foreigners – Dr. Huang Lin-jie, Klaus Filter, Therese Hesketh, Karl-Ingo Scht, Rondez Lucas won the award this year. Dr. Huang Lin-jie has intensively worked in the field of international automotive thermal management, HVAC&R, and home appliance thermal management for more than 30 years. He has made great contributions to promote energy efficiency and resource efficiency, improve the quality of our environment, as well as further China’s technical progress and status advancement in global energy and environmental improvement. In 2011, Dr. Huang Lin-jie joined in Sanhua and led the industrialization of Sanhua MCHE technology, and realized its first place in global MCHE market.He pioneered the application of MCHE technology to the field of home appliance thermal management, and contributed to the transformation and upgrading of China’s refrigerator industry. With his leadership, Sanhua R&D Center research team has developed highly-efficient heat exchangers for the China “Coal to Electricity” Campaign, for the improvement of China’s air quality to a large extent.He leads the construction of new energy electric vehicles research and development platform for thermal management systems and key control components to boost the electrification of new energy vehicles in China. Meanwhile, Dr. Huang represents Sanhua to participate in Hangzhou B20, Berlin B20 and Buenos Aires B20, United for Efficiency ect.On these high level global platform, he put forward the idea of accelerating the development of global carbon market, promoting the development and market application of energy-saving and carbon-reduction technologies, as well as applying heat pump solutions and new refrigerant technologies to promote energy transformation and energy efficiency. He continuously sends out Sanhua’s voice to the world that Sanhua will persistently provide high energy-saving products and solutions to reduce global greenhouse emissions and improve energy efficiency.
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