DSI celebrates its 50th anniversary

Date: 30 May 2019
DSI celebrates its 50th anniversary

June 1st, DSI celebrates its 50th anniversary. That’s not just 50 years in business, but a lifetime of knowledge, development and high quality freezing solutions.

Celebrate our past - look to the future

Proud of our heritage and history, we still hold focus on our core values - a strong commitment to customers, employees and community.

Having started out with manufacturing steel components since 1969, after five decades of experience, DSI Freezing Solutions is now the world leader in plate freezing solutions. Since 1997 we have dedicated all our efforts into manufacturing high-quality plate freezers and handling equipment designed in accordance with customer specifications, built with care and attention to details. Over the years we have performed thousands of projects and installations worldwide and much of our success can be assigned to our mission of always keeping our customer in mind.

Now we look to the future with a promise for continues innovation and excellence, growth and serving our customers for the next 50 years and beyond.

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