DSI Freezing & Handling: new name, logo and a new era

The beginning of 2018 has also been the start of a new era for company, as DSI have bought long-time partner Erlinord to evolve business into being a supplier of complete freezing and handling solutions – hence changing name to DSI Freezing & Handling.


By taking over the automation company Erlinord DSI will be focusing on complete freezing and handling plants for customers world-wide. This concerns both onshore and offshore factories, in a wide spectre of food processing segments. This is done to respond to a strong tendency in the market for complete solutions from DSI.
By integrating automatic processes related to freezing, DSI are becoming a solution provider. There’s many synergies between handling the products and freezing. And in the future clients will benefit from developments, since all knowledge and experience will be in-house, with the goal of optimizing freezing and handling, together. This will be unique in the market and consciously aim to strengthen this position.
All in all, DSI are entering a new era and a change in customer strategy. For some time, manned and strengthened sales and service with the aim of boosting performance and service in relation to all business partners and end-users, and DSI now ready to carry out the strategy.
With new approach to markets, business partners and end-users, contact will be more direct. At the same time, offering to share knowledge with business partners and end-users. With more than 6000 freezers sold and development work that continues at a high pace, built up a strong knowledge bank that’s always been of benefit to customers.

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