Emerson Climate Technologies Expands R-290 Ready Equipment

Emerson Climate Technologies has announced it has invested in an expanded propane (R-290) offering along with testing facilities for its customers. The EPA has identified R-290 as an acceptable hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) alternative in the E.U.’s F-Gas regulations. Compared to the refrigerants it will likely be called upon to replace, such as the recently delisted R-404A, R-290 yields more capacity with lower wattage consumption. Additionally, its GWP is three, which places it in an elite class of refrigerants that have a minimal environmental impact. “With global regulatory actions to ban high-GWP refrigerants well underway, the adoption of R-290 and other natural refrigerants is on the rise,” said Kurt Knapke, vice president, engineering & electronics, Emerson Climate Technologies. “At Emerson Climate Technologies’ test labs, we’ve found R-290 capable of high-performing, efficient operation. It also has very low environmental impacts while being relatively affordable.” Emerson has developed a full line of Copeland hermetic compressors compatible with R-290 that are being used in walk-in and small reach-in systems where the refrigerant charge is less than 150g. “Emerson remains committed to research and development efforts necessary to develop technologies that are compatible with emerging refrigerants, and this line of R-290 ready equipment will help make the transition to alternative refrigerants possible,” said Knapke.   Source: Emerson Climate Technologies
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