Emerson Climate Technologies Updates e-Saver Mobile App

Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. has updated its Emerson e-Saver™ residential app for mobile devices. The app was created for contractors to calculate cost savings for homeowners by comparing HVAC system replacement options. The app has been updated to auto-locate the closest city based on geographic location. This means that the contractor will no longer have to manually select the location, which will essentially generate a more accurate report.
The app instructs the contractor to enter in parameters relevant to the specific residential HVAC task, such as current system efficiency standards and their considered replacement options. After the details of the job are entered into the app, the contractor can generate a professional-looking report that shows annual cost savings of high efficiency systems, suitable for emailing to homeowners. The app offers up to three replacement system options, which are also compared with current industry minimum standards, for the contractor and the homeowner. This will allow homeowners to more easily choose a replacement HVAC system to meet their particular needs.
The auto locate function on the updated app provides the benefit of generating cost savings on both heating and cooling run hours based on location, as opposed to a general average price. In addition, energy prices and fuel prices are automatically updated based on geographic location, providing a more accurate cost-savings report for residential contractors to present to the homeowner.
For more information about the new updates on the Emerson e-Saver app, visit EmersonClimate.com/mobileapps.
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