ENGIE Refrigeration provides optimal refrigeration solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Date: 07 May 2019
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ENGIE Refrigeration GmbH is implementing the biggest water-cooled QUANTUM chiller yet, with eight highly efficient compressors that use the eco-friendly refrigerant R-1234ze. 

Refrigeration systems in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry are among the most sensitive areas of application anywhere, as the complex production processes pose demanding requirements for the provider. ENGIE Refrigeration meets these strict criteria and possesses extensive expertise in this specific area: Among its long-term customers are Nordmark Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG from Uetersen, and Boehringer Ingelheim Ellas S.A. from Koropi, near Athens. As of now, a renowned pharmaceutical and chemical company from France will be relying on the refrigeration specialist from Lindau on Lake Constance. In the first quarter of 2019, three water-cooled QUANTUM chillers with a refrigeration capacity of 2.4 megawatts each will be installed in its production hall; these are the largest water-cooled QUANTUM models – with a total of eight oil-free turbo compressors and the eco-friendly refrigerant R-1234ze – that ENGIE Refrigeration has ever implemented. Like all chillers, the models were made in traditional manner at the site in Lindau on Lake Constance and tested comprehensively on the test bed there before delivery.

The current implementation was preceded by a planning phase for the highly complex refrigeration system that lasted several months and was conducted by a French engineering office. However, the experts from ENGIE Refrigeration and their colleagues from the ENGIE Group in France also brought their considerable know-how to the planning process – which benefits the pharmaceutical company. “At ENGIE Refrigeration we always focus on customer needs and market requirements. Our aim is to implement the best possible refrigeration solution for every process. That is how we meet all the customer’s special requirements in optimal fashion with our customised concept for this order as well,” says Jochen Hornung, CEO of ENGIE Refrigeration. The QUANTUM chillers, for example, are equipped with twin condensers for heat recovery, which allow the waste heat resulting from the production process to be further used; in France, this solution for heat recovery is subsidised with tax breaks. The chosen compressor design provides excellent energy efficiency, while use of the refrigerant R-1234ze with a GWP value below 1 makes a positive contribution to the eco-friendliness of the machine and therefore minimises its ecological footprint. In addition, QUANTUM chillers have an exceptionally high level of operational reliability thanks to their intelligent mode, multi-compressor design and double sensor system – an aspect that is especially essential for the commissioning company.

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