ENGIE Refrigeration will present new QUANTUM WATER on 28 June 2021

Date: 29 April 2021
ENGIE Refrigeration will present new QUANTUM WATER on 28 June 2021
The new QUANTUM WATER will be available on the international market from Monday, 28 June 2021 on, and will supersede the previous QUANTUM W, QUANTUM B, QUANTUM X and QUANTUM G series. 

At the time of its launch, ENGIE Refrigeration will be offering 47 different models, all featuring a modular configuration. Customers also have the option of choosing between R-515B, R-134a, R-513A and R-1234ze as refrigerants. All of the machines require a smaller quantity of refrigerant than the predecessor series – a key aspect when it comes to sustainability. Moreover, state-of-the-art technical components and optimisations to the PLC and regulation options boost efficiency even further, in particular when operating under partial load. 

New compressors allow a much higher refrigeration capacity than was previously the case for the water-cooled QUANTUM chillers: All in all, the QUANTUM WATER models will, in future, be able to cater to the full spectrum of different capacities, from 200 kilowatts to four megawatts. The QUANTUM P will, of course, remain available for customers requiring even higher capacities from four to 11.5 megawatts as a customised solution. 

Just like the predecessor models, the QUANTUM WATER chillers featuring the new design are ideally suited for use in a large number of different industries – from data centres to the pharmaceutical industry, and from automotive manufacturers to industrial production lines. 

Jochen Hornung is confident that ENGIE Refrigeration will, once again, be setting new standards on the international refrigeration market with its QUANTUM WATER: “The efficiency of our QUANTUM WATER easily surpasses what was already the very high efficiency of the previous series, and is consequently able to reduce our customers’ carbon footprint. The modular system principle, the enhanced range of capacities, and the wide choice of refrigerants that can be used means that every customer is guaranteed to find exactly the right unit for their specific application within the QUANTUM WATER series. And this shows that ENGIE Refrigeration is consolidating its pioneering role on the international refrigeration market.”
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