EPEE joins forces with AREA

Date: 17 October 2019
EPEE joins forces with AREA
EPEE joins forces with AREA
EPEE joins forces with AREA

EPEE Director General, Andrea Voigt was honored to speak at the AREA Vision 2025 launch event last week. AREA is the European association of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) contractors. AREA’s Vision 2025 is very much in line with EPEE’s #CountOnCooling campaign which is due to be launched soon, and with our upcoming White Paper “A five-step approach to deliver sustainable cooling”, to be published on 5th November.

The AREA Vision 2025 addresses the benefits of cooling, how it is essential to modern life while it also protects the well-being of so many and keeps data centres running. Contractors fulfil an essential mission: they are vital to ensure proper sizing, installation and maintenance, deliver high efficiency designs, provide good monitoring of performance and address the complexities of large integrated systems. Read more

EPEE and its members have identified upskilling installers as one of the needs to be able to implement the five-step approach to deliver sustainable cooling, by:

- Provide lifelong learning to keep up with technological developments.

- Ensure the adaptation of the curriculum to match the industry’s evolving needs.

- Better reflect the sector’s specificity in the NACE statistical classification.

For EPEE the work with AREA is therefore crucial and we will continue working together closely.

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