EPEE will launch the #CountOnCooling campaign

Date: 02 January 2020
EPEE will launch the #CountOnCooling campaign
As the climate is warming, the demand for cooling is expected to grow significantly in the coming decades triggered by global trends such as increasing urbanisation, digitalisation, etc. While cooling delivers substantial benefits in many respects, the growth in the use of cooling could lead to increased energy consumption and place significant burden on the electricity grid if no appropriate actions are taken.

Numerous solutions for sustainable cooling exist already, maximizing the benefits of cooling whilst minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and electrical peak demand, but have not been deployed yet. Coordinated actions are therefore urgently needed to address barriers to the uptake of sustainable cooling and bridge the gap between science, policy, industry and consumers.

To this end and to raise the awareness on how cooling can contribute to carbon neutrality, EPEE will launch the #CountOnCooling campaign with an event on 24 March. The event will be followed by a cocktail reception as of 17:30 to celebrate EPEE’s 20th Anniversary.

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