EPTA acquires the status of Authorized Economic Operator

Date: 24 January 2020
EPTA acquires the status of Authorized Economic Operator

2020 opens with the achievement of a new milestone for Epta, which acquires the status of Authorized Economic Operator A.E.O. at the highest level (Full A.E.O.) of reliability (IT AEOF 201673). A qualification of great strategic importance, issued by the Customs Agency, which certifies Epta as a reliable operator in customs operations (AEOC) and secure in the international supply chain (AEOS).

This is an innovative programme, founded on the principles of reciprocal transparency, correctness and accountability; introduced by the World Customs Organisation to facilitate legitimate trade and strengthen its security at international level. The Customs Code provides that this status is given exclusively to operators able to demonstrate their compliance with stringent criteria, appropriately verified during the audit phase. These parameters are assessed keeping account of the single requesting operator, the role it covers in the international supply chain, the dimensions, the complexity of the activities carried out and the types of goods handled.

Thanks to the new status, Epta enjoys mutual recognition with Third States benefitting from a series of advantages which include, for example privileged access to customs simplifications, more streamlined security checks and priority treatment during customs clearance. The certification is unlimited in time and besides the EU, it is also recognised in Switzerland, Japan, Andorra, United States and China. Attainment of the AEO qualification is a prestigious recognition for the Group, essential to implementing better customs planning and optimising its business strategy.

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