Epta and Vodafone launch an innovative service #EPTABricks

Refrigerated lockers arrive also in Italy: #EPTABricks by Epta combine with Vodafone IoTservices. A unique project for Italy, which introduces a new shopping experience for customers through the digital revolution.

The versions installed, #EPTAfreshBricks, #EPTAmbientBricks e #EPTAfrozenBricks allow 24/7 access so customers can be totally flexible when they pick up shopping ordered online from the Retailer’s website, choosing from the complete assortment of fresh and frozen products, ambient food and non-food offered by the Retailer. #EPTABricks are a perfect example of a Retail partnership between two outstanding leading groups in their sector. Epta and Vodafone operate respectively in commercial refrigeration and in connectivity of all elements that enable IoT technology. On 13th July, Coop Lombardiaopened at its Bicocca Village store in Milan the first installation of this innovative shopping pick-up service for purchases ordered through the Coop eCommerce platform.

A synergy which encourages digital transformation, opening up multichannel retailing. Joining the IoT evolution, Epta have developed their new #EPTABricks to interface with Retailers e-commerce platforms and offer remote monitoring for correct and constant operation and improved product preservation. The refrigerated lockers at Coop are connected to Vodafone fibre and 4G network and to Vodafone IoT telemetry system.

Coop Supermarket of the Future of Bicocca Village was chosen as the location par excellence to launch this important partnership because of its position inside a dynamic urban context, where the university centre, business districts and exclusive residential buildings merge with a vast entertainment offer for leisure time dedicated primarily to young people.
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