Epta presents the fifth Corporate Social Responsibility Report

“The protection of the environment, attention to workers and local communities and the promotion of projects based on ethical principles should be considered a daily practice and “lifestyle” for every entrepreneur that should be adopted unreservedly” declares Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of the Epta Group. “These were the guiding principles for the drafting of our fifth Corporate Social Responsibility Report, that was recently validated by TÜV Austria Cert GmbH in line with option Core G4.”

The Group has reviewed the material aspects of the Report in accordance with the new G4 requirements: thanks to a survey involving a sample of internal stakeholders that identified the risks, opportunities and the most important aspects for the business, while establishing a list of KPIs which were then examined in depth in the CSR. Marco Nocivelli commented: “Our objective for next year is that of also involving external stakeholders in this process to make our Corporate Social Responsibility Report even more thorough and reliable and respond even more effectively to market requirements.”

Competing in a world characterised by constant technological challenges, with a combined focus on the utmost quality in terms of aesthetics and the best performances in the market: this is the “must” driving Epta in the production of refrigerated solutions that guarantee an innovative experience for consumers and the simultaneous reduction of their carbon footprint. The new GranFit  range of the  Costan brand and Bonnet Névé’s SkyEffect are the finest expression of this, with a line of efficient refrigerated cabinets for the fit-out of fresh and frozen food areas with a single family of products, to create infinite compositions and aisles with a modern appeal,  ensuring a revolutionary presentation for all food items.

Epta’s wide range of solutions to make stores “naturally” green includes the new FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency system that overcomes all the limitations of traditional transcritical CO2 systems, combining simplicity and performance for energy savings of 10%.

Factories designed for the protection of resources and the utmost efficiency: Epta chooses cogeneration plants, solar panels and the implementation of Industry 4.0 processes to guarantee a reduction of 5.7% in KOE (kg of Oil Equivalent)/product despite the increase of units it manufactures. The new technologies it has adopted have enabled it to reduce the per unit consumption of water by 7.5% compared to 2014.

The ventures promoted by the Group include the EPTAcademy, training project that was developed in collaboration with SDA Bocconi School of Management. This a medium-long term process dedicated to the management of the Epta Group that includes two separate branches, the Epta Leadership Programme and the Talent Development, to increase the team’s managerial and leadership skills in order to support the significant development plan.

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