#EptaExperience is the way... for preserving Gelato Art

Epta awaits you at Sigep (Pav A4 stand 019), the leading trade fair for ice cream, confectionery and bread baking scheduled from 20 to 24 January 2018 to present the prestigious partnership with Grom and many new products under the Eurocryor, Iarp and Misa brands. The Piemontese ice cream brand known all over the world, renews its trust in the Epta Group and participates in the exhibition with an exclusive Corner, a perfect example of the skill and professionalism of Epta in designing and making turnkey ice-cream shops. The Corner Grom is inspired by the "ingredients" that distinguish each of its premises: attention to quality and the natural world and a simple but refined aesthetic. Epta has been able to capture and enhance the strengths of the brand, creating a special cabinet with carapine, characterized by exclusive finishes in fine solid wood, glass cases to expose the main ingredients and worktop in Carrara marble, details that capture the 'attention of the consumer and reflect the genuineness of the sweet creations, presented exclusively during the event. The claim #EptaExperience is the way for preserving Gelato Art at the base of the Group's participation in the Sigep finds perfect expression also in the PrimoPiano Eurocryor solution, in the numerous Iarp plug-ins and in the Misa KLA wardrobe. The five days will be, in fact, an opportunity to launch PrimoPiano Eurocryor in the Tower version, embellished with two Teca modules, ideal for pastry shops and chocolates. Consisting of three completely transparent shelves with LED lighting, the Tower amazes for its particular proxemic aesthetic and its special display surface that seems almost suspended, designed to improve the visibility of products and ensure an excellent perception of quality and freshness of the delicacies of pâtisserie, from all perspectives. Iarp will also present a wide range of ice cream solutions, customizable thanks to the innovative digital printing directly on sheet metal: the new Iarp Cool Emotions Range range features high-tech lines and blue LED lighting on the profiles, with the Delight scooping 9, for those who can not resist the loose ice cream and Glee, the vertical with high transparencies for packaged, perfect plug-ins to ensure the highest display consistency within an ice cream parlor. On the stand also Excite, a compact counter positioned above the counter, where it is possible to exhibit, alternatively, ice cream cones or packaged classics and Globo Retrò, bench with carapine with a typical "Made in Italy" taste, for the best preservation of products and an appeal trendiest in the area. Last but not least, the Misa KLA wardrobe, synonymous with perfect preservation of the delicate ingredients, the best food safety and the highest functionality. It is in fact designed to ensure the addition, in addition to the door, of two additional semi-recessed doors with removable shelves.

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