Eurovent publishes new Recommendation for Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Date: 03 December 2020
Eurovent publishes new Recommendation for Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Eurovent has released the first edition of the Eurovent Recommendation 14/6 – Interpretation of Regulation (EU) 2019/2018 and of Regulation (EU) 2019/2024. The Recommendation provides the European Commission with industry input for the future guidelines accompanying Regulations (EU) 2019/2018 and (EU) 2024/2019.

The aim of this code of good practice is to provide the industry interpretation in regard of the Regulation (EU) 2019/2018 and of the Regulation 2019/2024 and to support the European Commission in preparing the future guidelines accompanying both Regulations. This document was prepared in a joint effort by participants of the Eurovent Product Group ‘Commercial Refrigeration Equipment’ (PG-RDC), which represents a vast majority of all manufacturers of these products active on the EMEA market.

Mr Pierluigi Schiesaro, Research & Development Director at Arneg and Chairman of the Eurovent Product Group ‘Commercial Refrigeration Equipment’, states: ‘The Eurovent PG-RDC supported the European Commission since the early stage of the preparatory study. In order to actively contribute to achieving the energy saving targets proposed, Eurovent and its Members deem an unambiguous interpretation of the requirements set out in these Regulations of fundamental importance. That is what we aim to provide with this Recommendation’.

Mr Francesco Scuderi, Eurovent Deputy Secretary General, added: ‘The European industry welcomes these long-awaited Regulations and wants to make their implementation as effective as possible. To assist with this, Eurovent will host a webinar on 26 January 2021, to present the contents of the new Eurovent Recommendation 14/6, and to welcome all the questions coming from manufacturers, distributors, end-user, designers, policy makers, and MSAs’.

The Eurovent Recommendation 14/6 is now available for download in the Eurovent Document Web Shop at

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