EVAPCO announces price increase due to tariffs

The price increases outlined below are effective March 19, 2018. The new/increased pricing will be active in Spectrum selection software program on March 19. Old pricing and new pricing will be available in Spectrum March 19 through April 18, 2018. After April 18, only new pricing will be available in Spectrum. All quotations offered on and after March 19, 2018 shall use the new pricing as the basis. All orders entered after April 18, 2018 must be entered with the new pricing. The impact of the Electronic Logging Device Mandate enacted late last year is now increasing the price Evapco must pay to ship products. The full impact is not yet known, because the grace period is just now expiring. However, it is clear that shipping costs will increase as the availability of drivers and driving hours is reduced due to this legislation. Therefore, Evapco is immediately increasing freight pricing included in Spectrum selection software by 5%.   The recently implemented tariffs imposed on steel and aluminum imported into the USA is increasing the cost Evapco must pay for materials required to build products. The full impact is not yet known because the USA steel industry is currently digesting the change and planning their reactions. However, based on quotations received within the last few days, it is clear that significant cost increases are immediately forthcoming. Therefore, Evapco is immediately increasing all base unit, option and accessory pricing as follows based on product type. Cooling Towers + 5.0 % Closed Circuit Coolers + 5.0 % eco-Air Dry and Adiabatic Coolers and Condensers + 3.0 % Evaporative Condensers + 5.0 % Ice Coils and Ice Tanks + 8.0 % Evaporators + 3.0 % CPA Systems and EDF Make up Units + 4.0 % Evapcold LCR Penthouse and Chiller Packages + 3.0 % RVS Vessels + 8.0 % RVS Packages + 5.0 % Pulse-Pure and Smart Shield Water Systems + 3.0 %

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