F-gas Regulation, Epta is ready to beat the challenge

January 1st 2018 marked the second step to reduce fluorinated gases (HFC) by reducing availability – leading to significant reduction within Europe compared to 2014 levels, as established by EU regulation 517/2014 of the European Commission (F-gas Regulation). This measure has effectively decreed the progressive elimination of HFC with the highest GWP, including R404a, used throughout the refrigeration sector. The F-gas Regulation, as well as scheduling the next phase down dates for the final overall 80% emission reduction by 2030, states additional requirements to drive significant reductions in the number of gas leaks and suitable treatment when the systems reach the end of their useful operating life. The exclusive FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency, with which the company opens the way to a new standard in natural COrefrigeration, stands out among the most innovative solutions offered by Epta, a multinational group specialised in commercial refrigeration. This is a simple system, available on a large scale, which extends the current limits of transcritical technology, ensuring the best performance in any climatic condition FTE can lead to upto 10% energy saving when compared to a traditional booster systems and up to 20% reduction in maintenance costs. To further confirm the sustainable approach of Epta and its commitment in supporting Customers in adopting HFC free solutions, 100% of the remote cabinets of the Group’s brands are already available in CO2, a natural refrigerant with minimal global warming potential (GWP) of 1. Epta has also renewed the ranges of plug-ins of all its brands with versions powered by R290 propane, or other refrigerants with low GWP. To update the systems already installed and to respond to the European F-gas directives, Epta offers professional retrofitting with the replacement of old pollutant refrigerant gases in favour of modern lower environmental impact refrigerants, entrusting themselves to the EptaService brand. Epta Service boasts the best support teams: expert technicians that offer all-round consulting, proposing remote monitoring programmes and maintenance, an e-commerce platform for spare parts and a high value-added Customer Service. The brand presents a package of targeted interventions to extend the life of the systems and supports Customers in all stages of the process. Following an accurate assessment of user needs and the choice of the most suitable solution, Epta Servicesets up the new system and relative hardware and software updates on the store, fills it up and switches it on again, with specially developed low GWP blends to best match the systems, as well as recovering and safely disposing of the old HFC used.
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