Fazio Mechanical Services has joined the NASRC as a gold member

Date: 14 December 2019
Fazio Mechanical Services has joined the NASRC as a gold member
Fazio Mechanical Services has joined the North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC) as a gold member. The NASRC is an action-oriented 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to removing the barriers slowing the adoption of natural refrigerants in supermarkets to create a more climate-friendly future for refrigeration. 

NASRC drives their mission forward with tremendous support from the supermarket refrigeration industry, including over 24,000 supermarket locations, major equipment manufacturers, service contractors, and other industry stakeholders. The organization is structured to leverage the expertise of their members to implement initiatives that will advance natural refrigerants.

The primary barriers that the organization currently focuses on include upfront and ongoing costs of natural refrigerant technologies, uncertainty around lifecycle costs, and availability of service technicians who are qualified to handle natural refrigerants. Fazio Mechanical Services brings a new expertise to the organization to help drive progress on what the organization calls ‘service readiness.’

“There are a number of factors contributing to the service readiness barrier,” said Danielle Wright, executive director of the NASRC. “Not only is the technician workforce shrinking, but we also see a shortage of training resources and programs for technicians starting with school HVACR programs and continuing into the field. We are excited to work with Fazio Mechanical Services to implement solutions to address this challenge.”

Fazio Mechanical Services is a full-service mechanical contracting company specializing in the design, engineering, installation, and service of supermarket refrigeration systems. Founded in 1988 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the company has grown to be the largest refrigeration contractor in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Maryland. The company also operates in & serves West Virginia and Virginia.

Fazio Mechanical have demonstrated a great commitment to ensuring adequate training for their technicians. They have invested in training their workforce through partnerships with OEM’s, technical institutes, union apprenticeship programs, and internal training programs.

“Fazio Mechanical Services is fully committed to collaboration with our business partners to implement environmentally friendly refrigeration solutions that help reduce carbon footprints as well as mitigate climate change,” said Ross Fazio, president of Fazio Mechanical. “On behalf of our team, we are excited to join NASRC to be able to have more of an industry impact regarding a sustainable environment for the future.” 

“We could not do the work that we do without the support of committed industry leaders like Fazio Mechanical Services,” said Wright. “We look forward to partnering with them to continue to drive industry progress and level the playing field for natural refrigerants.” 
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