Fico With Arneg World Opened One Of The Largest Agro-Food Park In The World

FICO by EatalyWorld, the Italian Farming Factory (Fabbrica Italiana COntadina) opened to the public on November 15th is much more than the world's largest agro-food park. With its 100,000 square meters dedicated to biodiversity and the art of food processing, FICO is the Made in Italy food amusement park. Factories and shops, visitable fields, didactic areas, tastings and toasts, a congress center, classes, events and much more make up the new citadel of food. Bologna, according to forecasts by the founder of Eataly, Oscar Farinetti, will become the destination of 6 million gastrotourists per year. Using his words, to welcome them there will be a park able to tell "Italian food story starting from the beginning, from raw materials, to show how they turn into high quality products." Arneg Group's DNA, with its mission to "continually improving the quality of life" and its vision of "dreaming with imagination, innovating, constantly creating something new", naturally meets the audacity of Farinetti's project. [gallery link="file" ids="9072,9073,9074,9075,9076,9077"] Incold is present with its commercial cells, isothermal and sliding doors, in the processing areas of cold cuts and cheeses, fresh pasta workshops, fruit and vegetable cells, fish farms, two restaurants and a pastry shop. Oscartielle contributes with its display cabinets that ranges from the ZARA 2 Convertible model, which can be used for over-the counter and self-service, to the EAGLE and PHOENIX 2 wall cabinets, both featuring sliding glass doors to reduce heat loss, and the large capacity DIONE RB rear-service counters with reduced depth, as well as the showcase islands from the ARCHÈ family. Intrac, lastly, accompanies the visitor in the last stage of the purchase with its checkout counters. Arneg confirms its being part of the “good food story” and invites you to visit this gourmet oasis with simple curiosity, perceiving its Italian authenticity. You will thus discover, as Italians, the pride of being part of the country with the best food in the world.
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