First Waterloop Refrigeration Store in Aruba

Date: 28 June 2020
First Waterloop Refrigeration Store in Aruba
First Waterloop Refrigeration Store in Aruba
FREOR firmly stands for the idea of green refrigeration. We are constantly looking for new retail refrigeration projects, which can set a good example of a sustainable business. Today we are proudly announcing that FREOR and its partner C.M.S. Refrigeration Supplies equipped the first Hydroloop propane-based store in Aruba. The Wei Ming Supermarket, opened earlier this month, now operates using 100% natural refrigerants – R290 and glycol solution as an alternative to HFC remote system.

The great solutions for warm climate countries
In Noord city, where the Wei Ming Supermarket is located, the average daytime temperature does not fall below 30 °C. It is quite a challenging environment for refrigeration, especially when it comes to energy consumption. The innovative Hydroloop solution, which is new to this part of the world, helps to avoid premises overheat and to minimize energy consumption. The system collects excess refrigeration heat and removes it outside the building through the glycol line. Glycol-water solution is used as the cooling medium.

Together with propane-based refrigeration equipment, the solution helps achieve higher energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness, while also minimizing the greenhouse effect.

There are 3 positive temperature cabinets, 2 positive temperature counters, and 3 negative temperature cabinets, which equate for 24.52 meters of refrigeration displays installed at the store. All the refrigeration displays in the retrofitted Wei Ming Supermarket operate with propane refrigerant and are connected to the same glycol loop.

Additional features for the energy-efficiency
To save even more energy, FREOR freezers and display showcases have these features:

Inverter compressors. Installed multidecks JUPITER LOW FRONT and counters VESTA, VEGA QB have inverter compressors, which help reduce rough temperature differences during the cooling process.
Glass doors. Multideck JUPITER has glass doors, and VESTA QB counter has sliding back doors installed for better cooling in the product display area.
Front glass packet. The open multideck JUPITER LOW FRONT has a front glass packet, which saves up to 15 % of the energy.
The full list of installed equipment:

Freezer island HELLA.
Upright freezers ERIDA.
Open promotional counter VESTA QB.
Cubic design counter VEGA QB HG with back doors.
Multidecks JUPITER LOW FRONT in an open and closed version.

The project was coordinated and implemented by the FREOR partner in Aruba – C.M.S. Refrigeration Supplies.
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