Food Logistics Names Eric Prieur as its 2020 "Champion of the Year"

Date: 21 April 2020
Food Logistics Names Eric Prieur as its 2020 Champion of the Year
Food Logistics, the only publication exclusively dedicated to covering the movement of product through the global food supply chain, has named Eric Prieur, Carrier Transicold & Refrigeration Systems’ former director of Cold Chain Sustainability, as its 2020 Champion of the year. The award was given posthumously in remembrance of Prieur and in recognition of his contributions to the food industry, positions in industry organizations and oversight for academic research earned. Prieur, who was one of 157 passengers that died in the March 10, 2019 crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, was en route to Nairobi, Kenya, on behalf of Carrier, to speak on the connection between food waste and climate change at the United Nations Environment Assembly conference.

“Eric gave unselfishly to a movement that was greater than himself, and he did it with great sincerity,” said Jon Shaw, director, Sustainability, Carrier Transicold & Refrigeration Systems. “We owe him a debt of gratitude for his dedicated contributions to our business and the sustainability work in which he believed deeply.”

Prieur was a trailblazer for global programs that aimed to reduce food waste and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and he was at the forefront of leading real change in these areas, with projects in India, Vietnam and the Philippines. He influenced many people through his position and approached the topic of sustainability with great passion. He was often called on to speak at events around the globe, and he helped increase Carrier’s level of participation and leadership in food loss and waste reduction on a global scale.

Prieur forged relationships with various organizations, such as the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and was one of the founding members of the Global Food Cold Chain Council (GFCCC). He also oversaw academic research and helped define and develop a cold chain certification program.

As the 2020 Champion, Prieur is profiled in the cover story in the March 2020 issue of Food Logistics. He is the fourth member of Carrier to be recognized by Food Logistics as part of its annual Food Logistics Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain. Other Carrier “Rock Star” recipients include David Appel, president, Carrier Transicold & Refrigeration Systems (2019), Eduardo Kerbel, business manager, Post-harvest Technologies (2018), and Jon Shaw, director, Sustainability (2016).

“The 2020 Food Logistics Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain exhibit the true rock stars of the industry, those that go the extra mile, so to speak, to ensure their company’s supply chains are being operated in an efficient, safe and transparent manner,” said Marina Mayer, editor-in-chief, Food Logistics.

In 2019, the GFCCC established the Eric Prieur Memorial Research Fund for Cold Chain Sustainability in support of its goals to help reduce food loss and waste while increasing global awareness for and expansion of a sustainable food cold chain. Funds are used to develop case studies and refine data while also advancing other key sustainable cold chain activities in developing countries.
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