France: the government recently published several documents on HFC regulations

Two documents have just been published by the Ministry of Energy and Solidarity Transition. The first is entitled Climate Impact Substances, Refrigerants. This is a synthesis focusing on ozone depleting substances (ODS) and on greenhouse gases, including HFCs.


 The international and European regulations controlling these substances are listed, but the document specifies above all the obligations to which the holders of refrigeration equipment must be subjected, according to the French law (articles R. 543-75 to R. 543-123 of the Environmental Code and Orders of 29 February 2016): have the installation (connecting parts containing fluids) done by a trained company called the "certified operator"; regularly carry out a leak test by a certified operator.

The frequency of these checks depends on the installation, or not, on the site of a leak detection device; have, for the largest equipment, a maintenance booklet which collects all the intervention sheets on the equipment; act as quickly as possible in the event of a leak; when the equipment owner also falls under heading 4802 of the classification of classified installations, comply with the corresponding regulatory provisions (in particular the labeling of equipment and storage containing more than 2 kg of fluids, have an inventory of equipment on the site containing fluids, insulating the piping and closing the valve outlets to the atmosphere). The obligations of operators who handle fluids and equipment are also listed, as well as those of fluid dispensers.

Finally, the document recalls which organizations are accredited for issuing capacity certificates to companies that handle fluorinated greenhouse refrigerants:
  • AFNOR Certification
  • Bureau veritas certification
  • Cemafroid
  • Dekra certification
  • Escat de Ranne
  • Euro-Quality System
  • Groupe de prévention
  • Qualiclimafroid
  • Sgs international certification service
  • Socotec Qualification France
The document is available here: Climate Impact Substances, Refrigerants.
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