Free Webinar: Fundamentals of Refrigerant Leak Detection

Understanding Refrigerant Leak Detection

Join Bacharach and refrigerant leak detection expert Tom Burniston for a free educational webinar. The goal of this presentation, entitled “The Fundamentals of Refrigerant Leak Detection,” is to help attendees gain a better understanding of the common drivers behind the adoption of a refrigerant leak detection program and the most common sensor technologies used to achieve each desired outcome.

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Motivations, Technologies and Applications

Companies require refrigerant leak detection solutions for a variety of reasons. They might be seeking to comply with safety regulations (ASHRAE 15, EN:378, B-52), improve their environmental impact or reduce the economic impact (refrigerant costs, shrinkage / spoilage, utility costs, equipment wear) of refrigerant leaks. During this presentation, we will cover the market drivers for refrigerant leak detection, key applications for leak detection and how Bacharach’s product portfolio compliments the needs of each.

Presentation Preview

The following slides are an example of the content which will be covered during this webinar.
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What Attendees will Learn During the Webinar

This webinar is intended for an intermediate audience and may assume that attendees have some basic knowledge of refrigeration leak detection or refrigeration applications. Attendees will learn
  • Motivations – The reasons you might consider installing a leak detection solution.
  • Technologies – The different types of refrigerant sensor technologies (non-dispersive infrared, semiconductor, electrochemical, catalytic bead) and understanding the pros and cons of each.
  • Applications – How different sensor technologies can be deployed to achieve your desired outcome.

More About the Webinar’s Presenter

Tom Burniston has worked in the gas detection industry since 2004, and has experience in markets including refrigeration, HVAC, oil & gas, petrochemical, general industrial, landfill gas and biogas. His diverse background has allowed him to develop an understanding of multiple gas sensor technologies, including: non-dispersive infrared, electrochemical, semiconductor (MOS), tunable diode laser spectroscopy, open-path NDIR and ultrasonic. Tom joined Bacharach as a product manager in 2014 and uses his insight and experience to manage our portfolio of refrigerant leak detection instruments.

 An industry thought leader, Tom has authored articles found in numerous trade publications and magazines, including: RSES Journal, DIE KÄLTE + Klimatechnik and Process Cooling Magazine. Please complete the following form to access a recording of this webinar.
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