FREOR Hydroloop Glycol Refrigeration System in Warm Climate Countries

Date: 10 May 2018
A Hydroloop system by FREOR is an alternative refrigeration system, linking a number of plug-in refrigerators or coldrooms to the to the glycol condensing system. A glycol solution is circulated within a closed loop using an externally located water pump and dry cooler for excess heat removal. The individual cabinets and coldrooms operate independently with their own digital controllers to achieve their preset temperature. This glycol-based system offers enhanced performance and significantly reduced energy consumption for food stores of various size. The system allows reducing condensing temperature by 3 to 4 degrees Celsius, which results in saving 9-12% of energy consumption. Other system benefits compared to remote
  • Lower investments in store installation
  • No need for compressor room, saving premises.
  • Up to 25% reduction in running costs
  • Flexible store layout changes
  • High reliability as every refrigeration unit works independently
  • Reduced refrigeration gas charge by up to 80%.
With Hydroloop Glycol system condensation heat is removed through liquid pipes to the exterior of a building to avoid heating of the premises. Using additional equipment emitted heat can also be employed to warm up water avoiding extra waste of energy. Glycol refrigeration systems are one of the most environmentally-friendly refrigeration systems, as glycol itself is a completely food-safe, non-hazardous liquid with no health risks to users and installers. The system also allows reduced refrigeration gas charge to a minimum. By combining Hydroloop Glycol system with natural refrigerant propane (R290) even more saving can be achieved as propane condenses at a lower temperature than other HFC refrigerants. Moreover, it is a nature-friendly choice, as propane has a low GWP index and insignificant impact on the environment. One of the first things on the minds of store managers of warm climate countries is the preservation of their food products when a remote refrigeration system malfunctions. When it happens, there is often no prediction how long maintenance operations will take, meaning the store managers are not able to sell products during this time, and potentially experience a drop in turnover and also a loss of products. In Hydroloop System, every refrigerator operates as a separate unit, therefore failure in one piece of equipment does not affect the others, and potential loss of products is minimized. It is a quite simple, yet very reliable system, requiring only continual circulation of glycol liquid in a closed-cycle system, which is ensured with a water pump. Many of FREOR refrigerated cabinets and counters can be operated on glycol. We have installed Hydroloop Glycol system by FREOR in
  • South Africa: SPAR
  • Romania: Carrefour Express
  • Azerbaijan: Pribaltica Gastronomy
  • The Philippines: Marketplace by Rustans
  • Croatia: LIDL
  • Malaysia: Star Grocer and Win Far Trading
  • Brunei: Brunei – Kilanas Supermarket
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