FREOR opens new laboratory

Date: 20 August 2021

Freor announce is open new certificated laboratory of 90 m², which complies with the worldwide standards for refrigerated display cabinets – ISO 23953, and was installed by Air Control S.r.l.

The area of the new FREOR laboratory also includes a smaller chamber of 37 m². All the required experimental and randomly selected serial model tests are performed in the room: energy consumption, defrosting, an adaptation of other refrigerator control parameters to a specific region according to temperature classes, refrigerant quantity and pressure settings, leakage prevention.

It is modified and ready to test refrigerators that might adjust to any country’s electricity network in the world. The room is completely adapted to perform any wanted tests, and it meets the EU Energy Labelling (EU) 2019/2018. The laboratory has an international ISO 23953 certificate on which all experts agree, so it is suitable for testing the performance of refrigerated display cabinets used in commercial sales.

The lab room is completely isolated from the surroundings, including the floor, walls, and ceiling. Isolation keeps the moisture and light away from the room, which helps to ensure an even airflow, allowing to obtain the most accurate results.

Innovative control and monitoring software help the FREOR team to provide high-quality products that are in compliance with current EU legislation.