Fujitsu General will build the Technology Research Building

Date: 22 May 2018

Fujitsu General will build the Technology Research Building (tentative name) on the grounds of our Kawasaki Head Office to strengthen our efforts to create new value by promoting synergy and open innovation between departments and combining internal and external knowledge. We started construction in April 2018 and expect to start operations from June 2019 with the investment of approximately 5.4 billion yen.

We have expanded our Kawasaki Head Office and our development bases in China and Thailand one after another since 2007 to strengthen our air conditioner development capabilities. We are currently working on various measures to both reform our development structure and strengthen our sales activities for air conditioners toward achieving our mid-term management plan. As a part of it, we will construct the Technology Research Building and accelerate efforts to strengthen our core technologies and to create new value.

The Technology Research Building will have a layout to create active communication. For example, we will install a mid-level atrium on the fourth and fifth floors in the office area so that our engineers can mix freely and exchange new ideas. We will also set up communication corners in the office space so that relevant departments can come together and discuss development challenges quickly. In addition, we will establish training spaces which enable discussions on new technological trends and succession of technologies.By making these open spaces without partitions, free participation by interested engineers will be encouraged and innovation will be promoted by inducing synergy between departments.

Moreover, we will set up a dedicated space to research and investigate the functions of commercial air conditioning systems combined with other products such as chillers and air handling units by making our air conditioner main unit and we will set up workshops for shared use with external companies. This will also strengthen the promotion of open innovation through collaboration with external technologies and knowledge.

Furthermore, we also plan to install equipment that can reproduce the usage environments of air conditioners, such as installation environments throughout the world and an actual multi-storied house, to accelerate innovation of development process and commercialization of new technologies.

We are aiming to enhance our engineers’ creation power, technological skill and knowledge. while strengthening our efforts to create new value by promoting open innovation.

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