Güntner now runs its own measurement laboratory for CO2 and NH3

Since spring, Güntner has had another measuring system at its location in Fürstenfeldbruck. What makes it so special is that it does not only measure the volume of CO2 and NH3 – it will also be possible to perform capacity and air volume measurements. And, in addition to this, the system will soon allow to carry out sound measurements. Capacity measurements for CO2 and NH3 The chamber design is based closely on the requirements of EN 327/328 and provides us with reliable capacity measurements for a wide range of thermal boundary conditions. The design of the measuring system also allows to perform frosting and defrosting tests. All these measurements will be carried out mainly on CO2 gas coolers and condensers as well as CO2 and NH3 evaporators. Air volume measurements as of 2018 This year, capacity measurements will have priority at the new laboratory. At the beginning of next year (2018), the details on the design and dimensioning of the air-measuring section will be determined. For air measurements, the test item is connected, via an opening of 2 x 2 m at the ceiling, to a duct system installed above the chamber. The maximum air volume can reach a maximum of 30,000 m3 /h. From 2018 onwards, it will be possible to also measure the sound. Measurements in preparation for Eurovent certification of CO2 units The measurements on the CO2 units are carried out also in preparation for the extension of the Eurovent certification to these units. Independent laboratories capable of performing the appropriate measurements have been lacking to date. Such a laboratory is currently being established at TÜV Süd. CO2 gas coolers and CO2 direct evaporators as group of units are intended to be certified soon within the framework of the next Eurovent extension.  
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