Güntner US: Miguel Garrido and Glenn Comisac new Managing Directors

Within the framework of an internal reorganisation, Miguel Garrido and Glenn Comisac took over the management of Güntner US on September 1. They share the responsibility for the day-to-day business as well as the management and organisation of the Güntner branch in Schaumburg, Illinois.   Güntner employees take on new responsibilities Miguel Garrido and Glenn Comisac have both worked for Güntner for several years already and now extend their field of responsibility in their new position. Glenn Comisac had been business line manager for industrial refrigeration at Güntner US since May 2014. Miguel Garrido had gained Güntner sales experience in the area of large-scale refrigerating plants during many years in Europe where he first worked in Spain before he became Sales Director Western Europe.
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