GEA CMT optimized service and spare parts supply

Since CMT S.p.A. in Peveragno (Italy) was acquired by GEA in 2015, the company has completely revised its processes for servicing and the supply of spare parts across Europe and worldwide to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by the GEA network. Now customers are benefiting from the processing knowledge and experience of GEA and cost savings from dealing directly with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

GEA CMT is a trusted supplier of systems for the production of ‘pasta-filata’ cheeses with a wide catalogue of installations throughout the continent. Although the factory in Italy remains GEA’s Centre of Excellence for pastafilata cheese, it now enjoys the support of the local GEA offices throughout Europe to provide installation, servicing and maintenance services to its customers.

Paola Adamo, After Sales Business Development from GEA CMT in Peveragno says, that it was a new experience for many customers in Europe to deal directly with GEA rather than through a local distributor. “The straight contact to the manufacturer is a positive development for customers,” she explained. “As a part of GEA we can now provide direct support to all our customers in Europe.” This support is provided by the local GEA organizations in each country, speaking the same language as their customers. They are close by and have the essential local knowledge to provide excellent service. Working directly with the manufacturer simplifies the trading relationship and ensures that customers always receive first-class service from skilled people, who really understand the equipment, have knowledge of current best practice and access to the latest technological updates. “GEA service engineers make a key difference to the service offering,” said Paola Adamo. “They are all very skilled and, because of their wide processing experience, understand the relationship between the pasta-filata making equipment and the rest of the plant right from milk reception to the packed mozzarella ready to be sold on the market. This allows them to provide a much more holistic approach to service than in the past.” Receiving original spare parts from the manufacturer ensures safety and reliability of the GEA equipment. “This helps our customers to reduce costs as there is no third-party mark-up,” explained Paola Adamo. “Reducing the supply chain also increases efficiency in terms of time and value.” Detailed technical support for GEA CMT customers will still be provided directly from the Centre of Excellence in Italy. General enquiries, including those for sales, service and spare parts, can now be directed through the Italian hub or via GEA’s local offices – anywhere in Europe.    

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