GEA Remote Eye Wear: real-time support, anywhere in the world

Date: 13 June 2018
For plant inspections, to provide support during commissioning and in the event of technical problems, GEA has developed GEA Remote Eye Wear. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, it offers customers virtual real-time support by a GEA service technician via remote access. As a result, response times are shortened and travel costs are almost completely avoided.


 Thanks to its integrated high-resolution camera and reliable microphone, GEA Remote Eye Wear offers a wide range of bidirectional functions such as "listening", "speaking" or "chatting".It is also possible to "transmit" and "edit" images. By projecting images onto the GEA Remote Eye Wear screen, repairs, process optimizations or inspections can be carried out at Internet speed. The information is streamed live via WiFi interface so that machine operators can send and receive it in real time. Documents and records can be sent by the back office support or requested by the service technician.

However, fast response times in the event of technical problems are not the only advantage of GEA Remote Eye Wear. In addition, production times can be maximized and operating costs reduced by identifying improvement potential and performing plant optimization.

GEA Remote Eye Wear is available as part of a GEA Service Level Agreement. The scope of delivery includes the corresponding Remote Eye Wear glasses, a battery charger, a registration QR code, microphone, headphones, access point router and the complete documentation.

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