Gray & Adams at Commercial Vehicle Show

Gray & Adams present temperature-controlled semi-trailers and rigid vehicle bodywork. Taking centre stage on the company’s stand will be a 44-pallet lifting-deck trailer built to the latest specification, complete with aerodynamically efficient panel cappings, low-noise alloy Gripster floor surface, a Carrier Vector 1950 refrigeration unit, and BPW running gear and telematics system. This trailer will be finished in an eye-catching livery on both sides and at the rear, conveying the impression that the skin has been peeled back to reveal food produce in cages on both decks inside. Gray & Adams enjoys a well-established reputation for innovation. Having built the first fixed twin-deck trailers in 1989, it then unveiled the hydraulically operated lifting-deck variant 11 years later. The 44-pallet version made its debut in 2010 – in line with the manufacturer’s commitment to product development, its design has been steadily refined since. Gray & Adams estimates there are now more than 3,000 lifting-deck trailers built at its headquarters in Fraserburgh in operation on UK roads. Also appearing on the company’s stand will be an 11-metre urban trailer, built for a high-profile restaurant chain. This trailer will have one longitudinal internal partition creating two lanes, a Tridec command steer system for optimum manoeuvrability, a 1,500 kg Dhollandia column tail-lift, and a Carrier Vector 1950 dual-temperature fridge. Completing its NEC line-up, Gray & Adams will be presenting an eco-friendly 26-tonne rigid, which is due to commence trials with the Co-op after the event. Based on a diesel-electric Scania hybrid chassis, the truck’s 8.8-metre body will have a curved front and low-noise, Gripster alloy floor. Other features include an underslung Carrier Supra 1150U multi-temperature fridge, a 1,500kg Ratcliff power closure column tail-lift, and a JR Industries electric shutter door.   Read More
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