Gree HVAC equipment won the bid Shenzhen Metro with the total 145 million yuan

Date: 04 October 2020
Gree HVAC equipment won the bid Shenzhen Metro with the total 145 million yuan
Recently, relying on the powerful technological strength and professional service, Gree HVAC equipment won the bid of Phase IV, Shenzhen Metro, with the total amount reaching 145 million yuan. In recent years, Gree is active in the field of central air conditioner and serves a large number of railway traffic projects in 23 cities of China. It has demonstrated its professional technical strength and abundant experience in such field.

It’s reported that the construction form for subway is quite special. Apart from the air duct, entrance and exit of subway station and the tunnel opening which can be connected to the outside, the other spaces are in closed status, therefore, the requirements for central air conditioner in the aspects of temperature control and ventilation are even higher. Specific to the characteristics of Shenzhen Metro such as high passenger flow rate and high transfer frequency and so on, Gree has provided CVE Series Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Inverter Centrifugal Chiller and LHVE Series Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Inverter Screw Chiller, offering a stable, reliable, comfortable, energy-saving and efficient machine room scheme for Line 12, Shenzhen Metro. The equipment of the scheme is consisting of 64 sets of Gree dual Grade I inverter centrifugal chillers, thousands of assembled air handlers and fan coil units, which will provide more intelligent and efficient temperature control services for the subway and ensure the safety of citizen.

These two kinds of units winning the bid are the representatives of Gree HVAC equipment in energy efficiency. The CVE Series Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Inverter Centrifugal Chiller is equipped with the high-speed permanent magnetic synchronous motor of large power, which is dedicated to the refrigeration centrifugal compressor, its power is up to 1,500kW; the highest efficiency for motor within operation range can reach 98.2%.

Moreover, this time, Gree provides an intelligent ambient control scheme for Shenzhen Metro as well. The intelligent ambient control system is able to adjust the operation mode of air conditioning system in real time according to passenger flow rate variation and season variation inside the subway station, which reduces the energy consumption of air conditioning system and provides a feasible and optimal scheme for energy conservation of the subway station.

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