Green Point UK invests in new compressor testing facilities and remanufacturing capacity

Green Point UK, BITZER’s specialist compressor remanufacturing arm, has invested in new compressor testing facilities and expanded remanufacturing capacity as part of its strategic growth plan. The new facility enables the company to carry out full run tests on remanufactured screw compressors in-house, rather thantransporting them to Green Point’s base in France. As a result, turnaround time on remanufactured compressors has been reduced from around three weeks to three days. It enables Green Point UK to run-test open drive screw compressors at Milton Keynes, with full control and oil separation. The testing station includes a new control panel and associated switch gear. Will Pribyl, general manager of Green Point UK, says: “Turnaround times can be important on some projects,as, despite our comprehensive stock,it is not possible to stock all models that might be required. The new rapid turnaround time gives customers an edge, enabling them to deliver for their own clients and get systems up and running quickly.” The investment includes the addition of further production capacity, to meet growing demand for Green Point’s high quality remanufactured compressors. It will be accompanied with new technical and office support staff over the coming year. Alongside, stocking of fully remanufactured screw compressors of popular models is being increased, providing a same-day or next-day delivery service on live projects. The latest investment follows Green Point’s introduction of new value-added services to enhance its support for customers. These include turnkey logistics for managing compressor removal and replacement, offsite preventive maintenance, and specialist onsite commissioning support. Logisticssupportcovers a full compressor “lift and shift” service by a dedicated team, which manages all aspects of removal and replacementwithas-new remanufactured exchange compressor/s. The specialist team can manage all aspects of complex compressor handling operations, fromrestricted-access plant rooms in deep basements to the top of multi-storey buildings. Green Point’s preventive offsite maintenance service covers scheduled proactive replacement of hard-running compressors in critical applications, such as process cooling and food storage, to pre-empt problems or potential breakdown. Will Pribyl, Green Point UK’s general manager, says: “Following Green Point’s launch in the UK in 2014, we are now gearing up to meet growing demand for remanufactured compressors. With the addition of value-added services, increased production capacity and the ability to fully test systems in-house, we now provide a comprehensive service that is highly flexible and responsive, all underpinned by BITZER’s high quality approach to engineering that ensures reliability and efficiency.”

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