HB Products replaced series A2 to series A3

Date: 10 June 2021

HB Products announces HBLT-A2 and HBSLT-A2 will be replaced with HBLT-A3 and HBSLT-A3

The A2 will now be replaced by A3 to provide a better product and simplify product program. The A3 provide a better accuracy especially at elevated temperatures and has been used for heat pumps for some years.

The difference between the A2 and A3 is the mechanical part only. The A3 has a 20mm outer pipe whereas the A2 has either 22- or 28-mm pipe, and the dead zones are slightly different. The A3 is only available with ¾” thread which means an adapter is needed a for 1” application. The electronic unit is the same except for the settings are slightly different.

Spare parts and complete sensors will still be available, but the A2 will slowly be removed from the product program as the stock is sold out.

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