Honeywell President and Chief Operating Officer Darius Adamczyk Elected To Company's Board of Directors

Honeywell announced that its President and Chief Operating Officer Darius Adamczyk has been elected to the Company's Board of Directors effective immediately. Earlier this year, Honeywell announced that Adamczyk, 50, would be the successor to current Chief Executive Officer Dave Cote beginning on March 31, 2017.  Cote will continue as Executive Chairman of Honeywell until the Company's Annual Shareowners Meeting in April 2018. "Darius' election to Honeywell's Board of Directors is another important step in his transition to CEO in 2017," said Honeywell Chairman and CEO Dave Cote. "Darius' independent thinking, proven growth track record, and strategic insights into Honeywell's business strategies, its global operations, and strengthening position as a software-industrial company are already contributing to Honeywell's success.  His election in advance of his becoming CEO is a strong statement of support by the Board in Darius' development as the future leader of our company and their confidence in his ability to continue our track record of success." "I am honored to have been elected to the Board," said Honeywell President and Chief Operating Officer, Darius Adamczyk.  "Dave and the Board have been incredibly supportive of me throughout this transition and I am grateful for their willingness to provide guidance during this process. The opportunity to join the Board at this time will help accelerate my transition and ensure alignment with Dave and the Board as I work to ensure the continuation of Honeywell's outstanding performance over the past 15 years." Refcatalog Read More

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